Sexy New Year’s Resolutions

This new year, new me thing can also relate to your sexual life. Many fantasize about things they want to do but never do them. If you need ideas, if you need to come out of your shell sexually, here are five sexy new years resolutions for you to copy, if you dare. And part of your new year’s resolutions is to enjoy Mother Nature doing something natural, you will love this list.

#1 Sex on the Beach

It is a popular drink nowadays, but have you really tried it. If you are shy, this is the best way to come out of your shell. Go to a secluded beach with your loved one and just get it on. Wear a bikini or bathing suit that is easy to take off to avoid snags or hassles in the middle of getting in the mood.

Sex on the Beach

Watch out for crabs and go right ahead and do things that may frighten the fish. And definitely make sure the beach that you go to is free of sharks! Afterwards you may want to lay down in the sand to relax and just take in the warm afternoon sun. Or the pale moonlight. Bring natural bug repellent to care for the environment, as well as avoid sea lice, mosquitoes and gnats ruining the moment.

#2 River

Under a waterfall or by a river bed, this option is also soothing and healing. Moving water has been always part of the feng shui philosophy to cleanse spaces. What better way to relax and just go with it than having a rendevous by trickling water.

Feeling the rush of cold water while the heat is rising inside you can be an exciting experience.

#3 Mountains

Maybe this option is not for everyone. Not everyone likes to camp. But even if you are just staying for one night, or glamping, make the time to copulate under the stars, owls and crickets your only background music. Lay a mattress inside a tent, by the trees or under the stars by the fire for an experience no one will forget.

#4 Under the Moon

This resolutions is much like the previous one. But under the full moon. The moon is said to have mystical powers and also, it affects the surge of the ocean and all liquids on earth. Having sex under the full moon can increase blood flow and improve orgasms.