Stronic G Pulsator II Review

“Yes. Yes you should buy this.” This is what the first review reads about the Stronic G on That is because this toy is one of the best, high quality toys you can get on the site. The price might shock you, but it is that good. This is part of a new turn in the sex toy industry and you can be one of the exclusive clients able to get the optimum experience in ultimate pleasure.

Stronic G Pulsator

The Stronic G Pulsator II has not only more than 7 different speeds to choose from but also 10 different rhythms to alternate to. It will be hard for your boyfriend to compete this this luxury. Good for going solo, but also for experiencing with a partner.

Either way, it will not dissapoint. It is a pulsator, not a vibrator, and it moves and thrusts at the speed you like with the rhythm you love the most. Experiment all the rhythms and see which one is the right one for you.

This is a premium high quality toy from Fun Factory, a company dedicated to only selling the best of the best. If anyone knows about sex toys, that is Fun Factory. It is designed and made from the highest quality materials.


Not only will you enjoy intense internal stimulation, but you will be able to do so without any outside help. Its completely hands-free operation makes it more comfortable and user friendly. Just turn it on and get it on. A G-spot toy that thrusts and pulses, the PULSATOR II is a new generation of STRONIC toys. It has a firm tip for G-spot fun and it carries a slimmer and sleeker design.