Teen Sex: What You Need To Know

For most teens, the thought of having sex is reason enough to feel nervous. It is something adults do and teens are not completely adults yet. The first thing teens need to do is stop believing everything they learn about sex in school or shady sites on the internet, because chances are, none of it is true.

To start off, sex is both physical and emotional in nature. It can be risky: You can get pregnant, you can get sick by catching an illness from someone else, your heart might get broken if the other person wants nothing more from you, or your ego bruised if the other person hates being with you that way. You might feel let down or disappointed afterward.

Father Helping Daughter

Loosing your virginity is not a joke or a goal. It is a big step. There are both physical and emotional consecuences to having lost your virginity. It is up to you to use fair judgement and decide if you are ready, as well as consult your partner so see if you are both ready. Sex is not recreation and should not be taken lightly. It is an expression of affection best experienced when two people care for each other. It is also messy (bodily fluids are involved), weird (it crosses the line of friendship), and you may fart or make a weird face or noise in the middle of it.

Teen Sex: What You Need To Know

Sex is never a way to get someone to stay with you or love you. Never put someone to the test by demanding sex from them as a proof of love. Take in account how mature you feel / are and if you are ready for it, never do it out of pressure, or to get back at your parents. It is also not a casual act of social life. It is not always fun, sometimes you will regret it.


If you are thinking of becoming sexually active, you probably have a lot of questions. Please get answers from responsible sources. You are probably wondering what to do or how to do it. But the way to do it is not the first thing you should worry about. There is no right or wrong way to have sex. It is only what you and your partner feel is okay. It is important that what you do is because you care about each other. There are a few things to remember:

–The age of consent varies from state to state between the ages of 16 and 18. Likewise, each state has rules about what is consensual sex and even about the kinds of sex acts you engage in.

–Pregnancy is a always a possibility with unprotected sex, no matter what anyone tells you. Even with protected sex there is a risk of pregnancy. If you are not comfortable talking about birth control then you shouldn’t engage in sex in the first place.

–Should birth control fail, be it condoms, contraceptive pills, sponges or any other, consider buying the Plan B pill at the pharmacy.

–Protection: the only effective method of protection against sexually transmitted infections and diseases is the barrier method such as a condom. Condom sex is safe sex. If you engage in oral sex you should use in addition to a condom a dental dam. Some sexually transmitten diseases, such as HIV, can be transmitted through oral sex.